I know this winter weather is dragging on but with spring now in the air we can look forward to warm, sunny days and lots of party fun outdoors! If you’re looking for science party ideas, here are a few that you’d want to do outdoors.


Make your own geyser using diet coke and mentos. I’m sure you’ve all seen (or heard) of this popular demo. It is simple and cheap so it is great for the kids to do. Here is Steve Spangler’s version of the classic experiment. He also gives ideas for experiments.

3, 2, 1, Blast off!rocketimages.jpg

There are lots of different rockets you can make but a simple method I found is here. If you have time before the day you can cut out all the bits and pieces to size and make the rockets so that the kids only have to set the rockets going with their antacid tablets. They can test different things such as how the weight affects the drag. How the tablets influence the height and so on.

Water, Water, Everywhere…

If you’re having a pool party, throw in a few science experiments that’ll make it all that more fun!

Can you spin water over your head and not get wet?

This is a good, fun experiment to get the kids to try. It is probably suited to a party where kids are getting wet and in bathing suits (such as a pool party).

How far can you throw a water balloon before it bursts?

waterballoonjpgThe great thing with science, is that you can test anything and everything. As long as there is a variable you can test it. So, in this case you could fill lots of balloons with the same amount of water and test different throwing methods – which method allows you the throw the furthest without bursting? Or which brand of water balloon is toughest? Or get the kids to work in pairs and figure out which method is best for catching water balloons without them bursting. In this case both the thrower and catcher are figuring the best technique they need to use.


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