Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator

Discovery Education’s Clip Art Gallery created
by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator

This is definitely a party for all the kids who want to grow up as paleontologists and with dinosaurs and fossils evoking lots of curiosity in kids, this is definitely a popular party theme.

Setting the scene

Having a dinosaur sound track playing in the background is cool. You can actually make this into a game if you get a soundtrack of different roars. Ask the kids to guess the name of the dino roaring and the kid that gets it correct gets a prize.

For this theme there are basically two types of cake you can do: a dinosaur cake or a volcano cake. The great thing with a volcano cake is that you can add dry ice to the middle of it and get a smoke effect.

Volcano Cake. Food Network.

Volcano Cake. Food Network.

Here is a recipe from the Food Network.

There are lots of other food ideas you can find online and with this being a popular theme you can easily find themed party decorations in stores (inflatable dinosaurs, etc). One way to brighten things up though is to create these sparkly egg geodes.

I think it is always nice to include a little science demo instruction kit in the party bag and I think this would be a perfect things for kids to do at home on another day. You can find out more and the science behind why it crystallizes here.

Dinosaur pinata

This can be a fun addition and can be bought at stores. If you have the time and the skill you can always build your own.

Some Activities


If you have the space outdoors, then it’d be nice to recreate a sort of scavenger hunt. Each clue leads the party to an area in the garden where they’d dig (brush some soil from the ground) to uncover a fossil. The fossil would have a clue leading them to the next location and so on until they reached the main site which would have various toy dinosaurs hidden in the soil. To make it interesting, it’d be good to have a little fact attached to each of the dinos – you can find some here. before the kids get to work on this hunt you should provide them all with their special paleontologist brush – it is their excavation tool! This is what they’ll use to brush the dirt away from the fossils to read the clue.

The brush can be a simple 2″ paint brush. Spray paint the handle a brown or green colour (using masking tape to keep the metal from being coloured). Once dry you can add a contrasting ribbon to the handle if you desire.

*If you don’t have outdoor space then an indoor option is to create a sandpit which has dinosaurs hidden in it.

I do love this though: Make your own dinosaur eggs. This could be an alternative to fossils with the clue being tied to the dino in the egg.


Below is a video of how you could make fossils for the party and also it’s an activity you can get the kids to do this on the day. The plaster of paris will hopefully be dry by the end of the party so you can put their fossils in their party bags before they leave!

Dinosaur Snot!

You can follow the same steps as that for the slime in the “Funny Fluids” post.


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